Dear artist,

THE ASSOCIATION OF FINE ARTISTS OF SERBIA (ULUS) is the organizer of the 3rd International Printmaking Triennial to be held in the Art Pavilion CvijetaZuzoric, during June and July 2017.

The call for entries is open to professional artists. Registration will take place from July1stto December 15th2016. Entry form and rules can be downloaded here.

Welcome to everyone!

Thank you for sharing this information.

Suzana Vuckovic

Chair, Triennial Organizing Committee


Chair, Triennial Art board



Art Pavilion CvijetaZuzoric,

Mali Kalemegdan 1,

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 11 2621 585


There are three equal awards assigned by Triennial jury at the Opening ceremony of the Second International Printmaking Triennial (further in text just Triennial), which is held in Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric” in Belgrade, during 4 September – 4 October 2014.

Members of Triennial jury are:
Prof. dr Philipp Maurer, art historian, art critic, Austria;
Ms. Ljiljana Cinkul, art historian, Art director of the Gallery Graficki kolektiv, Serbia;
Ms. Barbara Madsen, USA; awarded artist on the First International Printmaking Triennial;

Awarded artists are:
Magda Szplit, Poland
Li Zhao, China
Miodrag Mlađović, Serbia

Prize is an accompanying group exhibition (of awarded artists) in ULUS Art gallery, during the next Triennial and a distinctive presentation in the catalogue of the next Triennial. ULUS Art Gallery is a prominent gallery, with a long tradition of exhibiting works of art. The gallery is located in the downtown frequented pedestrian area of Knez Mihailo Street, Belgrade