Triennial 2017


Списак аутора чији су радови прошли селекцију за Треће међународно тријенале графике

trijenale grafike


 trijenale grafike



THE ASSOCIATION OF FINE ARTISTS OF SERBIA (ULUS) is the organizer of the 3rd International Printmaking Triennial (further in text Triennial) to be held in the Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, during June and July 2017.

• The competition is open to all professional artists, local and international, as well as graduate students.
• All works submitted must be original graphic works on paper not exceeding 80 x 100cm. Photocopies, monotypes or photographs will not be accepted. Each author can enter the competition with digital photo of one print, realized in the past three years.
• The organizer will cover most of the costs.The participation fee is 45EUR.
A participation fee of 45EUR will be payed only by artists whose works have been selected for the Triennial Exhibition. The author is obliged to specify that all transaction fees will be covered on his/her part.
• The organizer encourages artists to donate one print to the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia Collection, by marking the appropriate field on the Application Form.


June – July 2017
Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Mali Kalemegdan 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

ULUS Art Gallery, Knez Mihailova 37, Belgrade
Graphic Collective Gallery, Obilicev Venac 27, Belgrade, Serbia
Centre for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches, Pariska 16, Belgrade, Serbia
Gallery of Fine Arts – Collection of Rajko Mamuzic, Vase Stajica 1, 21000, Novi Sad, Serbia


There are two stages for artwork submissions:
1. Artists are invited to submit a fully filled and signed Application Form, CV and digital picture of print to, by 15th December 2016. Digital reproduction of print should be size A5 (14.8 x 21 cm), resolution 300dpi, JPEG, quality 10, maximum file size up to 2 MB. Each file should be named the following way: title, technique, dimensions, year of creation.

2. Artists whose works are selected for exhibition will be informed about delivery date. Admitted prints should be sent without mat cardboard and/or frame, with photocopy of the payment slip via post. All prints must be marked as PRINTED MATTER – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.

The organizer will confirm application receipt via return e-mail.

The artworks to be exhibited at the Triennial Exhibition will be selected by an International Jury. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude works that do not coincide with the provided photos or do not meet professional standards.



ULUS AWARD (Exhibition at the ULUS Art Gallery, during the next Triennial and a special presentation in the Triennial Catalogue)

GRAPHIC COLLECTIVE AWARD (Exhibition at the Graphic Collective Gallery during the next Triennial)

CENTRE FOR GRAPHIC ARTS AND VISUAL RESEARCHES AWARD (Exhibition at the Centre for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches during the next Triennial)

There will be additional prizes by sponsors and other awards.


The Organizing Committee will organize special accompanying events such as exhibitions of artists awarded at the 2nd Triennial, presentations of eminent institutions and printmakers, public discussions.


The Organizer will publish a full colour, bilingual catalogue in English and Serbian. Each artist exhibiting will receive a catalogue free of charge. All participating artists agree to their artworks being photographed free of charge as well as reproduced for promotional purposes.


The organizer accepts full responsibility for the artwork for the duration of the exhibition. The organizer does not accept responsibility for any damage occured during transport.
It is strongly recommended to use appropriate packing materials, such as strong cardboard packaging. The Organizer will endeavour to return the works in their original packaging.


June 2016. call for entries
15th December 2016. electronic application deadline
January 2017. meeting of the jury and results
30th March 2017. deadline for sending works
June 2017. exhibition opening ceremony
6 months after exhibition closing return of works


Triennial Organizing Committee Members:
Suzana Vuckovic– Artist
Biljana Vukovic – Artist
Maja Djurovic– Artist
Vladimir Milanovic– Artist

For more information please contact:
Phone: +381 11 2621 585
Web site:

Please confirm receipt of this e-mail.

Kindest regards

Suzana Vuckovic
Chair, Triennial Organizing Committee
Biljana Vukovic
Chair, Triennial Art board